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[Lyrics] BeeJay – Stir Fry

By: in LYRICSJuly 5, 2018

Beejay-stir fry


ssss hey wano (aree)
ahah sebi iwo lose bere rap neni
o pe upcoming artiste niwo bayi lode n fo toyi
ah omo iwo loro lenu o
kiloruko tie na?
kiloruko e ni ile alaro?
eheh my nanme is beejay


in the kitchen wrist twisted like its stir fries
i'm in the studio i'm dropping def jams
can you just please let the sleeping dog lie
if u no fit then let the rest try

in the sky please can you let this bird fly
going places and i never had a jetlag
hanging out with girls who have never really said hi
i am surprise with the status what a profile

enough oyinbo wasi Naija
shouts to my dougs la'bulegba (la'bulegba)
time no to dey pass the lighter
awon oshozondi eyan sammy ganja

see i am drastic, elastic
i'm lyrically dramatic
ecstatic a monster no one can get past me
the best is only what I have to be you just an half breed

heysss baby girl wossup sare wanbi
ise to ba lawa boys lama lanbi
lokili wossup jaz out
beejay is a knight of the traphouse

i am rapping pretty lyrics is mary marilyn
100,000,000 pounds if you really wan invest in me
my best dey for reserve the start is only what you see
100,000,000 pounds if you really wan invest in me

i'm eragon dragon lord
tell your father tell your son
before they come here paranoid
i'm digital i'm analog
i'm crazy moman kala gan
everytime moman para gan
make the rappers look the boy and they all shout faragon

bus niyen ti koba ye e mi ti ja e si
gbami gbami laye ibi totin je so ma jami si
i'm sure you're amazed the way i'm spitting vernacular
latest star in the galaxy do you need binoculars?

so de wani dake bayi rap tin gun e abi (rara o)
iwo lon gbona lowo kosi sugbon or tabi
0awon eyan messi so gboye tofe rami
even awon olode won le debi ko gbayin

i'm the only beejay everybody should know
i'm the head n i'm the brain i can be sloppy i know
the only time i do tho is probably when i'm having lather bath
247 delivery you can call me pizza man

ema sare be simi o
ema lo gbe tija wa
bobo sare gbeseyen o
ki malo te nigga pa
all the ladies to cunny to cunny to cunny
chasing carrots bi ti bunny like bugs bugs bugs bunny
so what happened to their men oh sorry

to my mom can you ever stop loving me?
she was yemi alade me was living like johnny
life is a maze and everything seems funny
and if life is a race then why all this journey

please let us know our left from our right
science is doing good science is helping lifes
but what do we do if there is still God in the end
i believe its not bad to believe Christ or Allah

then lets do a little chit-chat about politics
i was a real big fan of the Apc 
but president don fail us (buhari) he should apologise
sebi u dey Naija tell me if i criticize

ok black michael jackson welcome to my neverland
bars upon bars another before the other land
i am not here to drop jabs
i'm here to drop jams and be getting the bars

you gat questions type of jam is this
the boy is really hot wakanda man is he? (wakanda forever)
its being long we had a rapper who can spit bars like his
and if hip hop is dead resurrection


ah washere omo yi
ori e wanbe

lyrics by @Beejaynrap


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